Friday, 15 November 2019

Increase the Strategic Skills of Your Company with Good Recruitment Services in Bangkok

Most of the companies don’t use a useful and well-balanced recruitment Bangkok strategy. Its summaries your hiring needs as well as goals as well as a way of achieving them. A good strategy comprises of:
è Where and how you plan to find the employees
è The objectives of the business and the approach to achieve them
è A way to evaluate your approach to determine if it’s working
è A budget of recruiting
Recruitment strategy objectives and goals
1-      Prove the strength of the company or your brand
To prove that your brand is strong, apply the strategies that other successful companies use. Consider the plan of different brands and try to emulate them. You can also consult the successful candidates and find how they got to know about the recruitment process.
2-      Lower your immediate employee turnover
Quick turnover is considered to be the rate where new employees resign from their positions. The price is different for every company and area. If the rate is high, the process of hiring becomes expensive for the brand. The rates in the recruitment Bangkok process can get lower by increasing the assessment quality, background checks, and reference screening.
3-      Come with a target for fill/open ratio
Open positions in the company mean that other employees have to work hard to cover for the missing employee. If there are various positions, the employees might feel overwhelmed, and the performance might go down. Therefore, it is essential to come up with a realistic date and ratio when it has to be met. Create a strategy to make specific recurring roles are taken care of always, even when there’s a gap in the organization.
The fact cannot be denied that there have been changes in the way they do the advertisement for job opportunities. Even as the employee embraces different recruiting ways, you need to come up with a strategy that ensures that the employees are retained for a more extended period. You also need to look for ways to do the recruitment Bangkok successfully and within a short time.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Shape Your Company’s Culture by Choosing Expert Recruitment in Bangkok

Hiring the important positions of your office through recruitment agencies is the best thing that you would want to do for your business. This is because an expert recruitment agency knows what to choose, whom to choose, and how to choose. Your business is very important to you and so it is obvious that you would want to hire all the employees who fit into the job well.
Good service of recruitment Bangkok makes sure that your stress of hiring qualified professionals for the job is relieved as they do the service for you. Here is how you can shape the culture of your company by choosing a good recruitment service for recruitment Bangkok:

1.      The best recruitment agency will always have its finger on the pulse of all the specialist markets. They can give the hiring team insight into what is going on in the market. As they are well-versed with the fashion of the market, they are able to choose the best professionals who fall fit for a particular job. They are well-acquainted with the available talent and they know how to reach out to them. This cannot be done by you alone.

2.      A good recruitment Bangkok service also has access to key strategic skills. One reason why many companies hire recruitment agencies for filling the vacancies is to gain short-term access to all the key strategic skills. This is where a good recruitment agency plays a major role in defining the shape of the company.

3.      A good agency of recruitment Bangkok knows how important the concept of employer branding is. They consider employer branding important for the business as a whole. Thus, they will represent you professionally throughout the whole process and will make sure that all the candidates and aspirants get a feel of the culture of the company and its brand alike.

4.      One important quality of a good recruitment agency is that it puts its money where the mouth is and offer you a rebate period. If the successful candidate leaves with a specific amount of time, then the agency will either replace it for free or give you your money back. This advantage always works in your favor.
Now that you know the importance of the agency of recruitment Bangkok for jobs, it is the time to hire one to secure your business.

Monday, 16 September 2019

Approach the Right Candidates for Your Industry with Expert Headhunters in Thailand

Are you looking to find the right candidate through headhunter Thailand? Yes, it is a quite time consuming and tedious process to get the right candidate for your company. Under such circumstances, the recruiters help you in tracking down the right candidate. Let’s see here how they go about their job and provide you with the right candidate.

There is a huge demand for skilled workers. This means a lot of applications and CVs won’t be of any help to you. Most of the jobs will require a certain kind of skill set which is hard to track down especially when you are in dire need of them. You might find several job applications which are submitted out of desperation. Thus, sifting the right candidate to suit your job profile is a humungous task. But when you hire the services of headhunter Thailand, you are relieved from the burden of going through several applications and find the right candidate. The recruiter will help you find the right candidate and will save you time and effort. Also, it is to be noted that they will have contacts with the vast number of candidates and for sure they will provide you with the candidate that you require. They will also use a wide variety of resources in shortlisting the right candidate for you so that you can make a decision.

It is a known fact that a person who is highly talented with the relevant skillset may not be hanging around you for a job. Similarly, skilled candidates are not only required by you but your competitors will also on the lookout for them. Of course, it is a humongous job to find the right candidate with the relevant skillset. But the headhunters Thailand will help you in reaching out to them very easily. The companies will also get to know as to what attracts them to their company and also will get feedback regarding where your company is lagging. This will help you in restructuring your campaign and will make it more attractive to highly skilled people. Thus, headhunters play a major role in both the company as well as the candidates.

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Retain the Best and Brightest Talent for Your Company with Recruitment Agency in Bangkok

There are a large number of college graduates who flood the job market. They should not shy away from the temporary jobs as it will give them work experience and get absorbed in the company or business house if they perform well. Your Recruitment Agency in Bangkok can also help you when you work temporarily on a job and acquire skills. They are always on the lookout for a candidate who will suit their clients well. So, it becomes important for the recruiters to find new methods of attracting the candidates and should also know how to retain them especially in the topmost cadres.

The Recruitment Agency in Bangkok can serve the candidate pool with much ease in getting the right job and their client as to retention of the highly qualified staff. There are four methods available to get the right candidates and retain them. Let’s see here the tips provided by recruitment agency what the client can do about their retention.

·         If you want to notify your new and exciting opportunities, you can text message which is quick, easy and effective way of doing so. Your staffing software needs to be able to send and receive messages. This could be used in job announcements, assignment and interview reminders or any other general messages that you want workers to see immediately.
·         The companies can use the mobile as the optimized job board? From this board, your staff can get to know what all positions are available without going through your website. This will make the employees to get to know about the vacancies that are available.
·         When you have recruited temporary staff, you should know whether they are coming for weekly or monthly or only for certain days. You should make them report the time through their mobile devices by giving temporary access.
·         Through the staffing solution software, your workforce can fix their own flexible time. It also gives the best employees to manage their schedules.


By providing all the above perks, you can make your applicant win over the war on talent in the staffing industry. All the above tactics will help you in the retention of your highly qualified and trained staff to work for your business and represent your business any time in the best possible ways. When you empower your employees, it will improve the quality of their services to your business.  

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Change Your Interest to Your Profession with Leading Recruitment Agency in Bangkok

When you are planning to change your job or for better opportunities, it is ideal to go for a recruitment agency. They will act as a representative for you to the employers. They will also help you in preparing your resume in a perfect manner expressing your skills which will attract the employers. Normally, recruitment Bangkok will not charge you for getting a job except for resume writing. However, they will be charging the employer for providing the candidate to them. It is always ideal to go for a recruitment agency when you are looking for a change in your job and get a higher position. They are quite handy at the times of recession when there will be a scarcity of opportunity and filled through internal hiring or through headhunters. Let’s see here how a recruitment Bangkok can be maximized in getting a better job for you.

·         You should always go for the reputed employment agency as they will make a good representation of y, weaknesses, etc. to them and discuss about what best they can achieve for you.
·         It is ideal that you don’t hide anything from them as they are in the business they can know about you.
·         Don’t mislead them or exaggerate.
·         You need not hide about your job search through different agencies as they will not mind about it.
·         You can even go for online recruiting agencies, but you will have to give the correct information.
·         Subscribe for job alerts
·         Don’t share your financial information with anyone
·         You need not have to pay for job hunting
·         You must not pay for the employer for attending a test or interview

When you get in touch with the recruitment Bangkok, they will help you in getting the right or better job according to your potential skills. They ease your process of searching for the right job and also act as a bridge between you and the employer by creating goodwill.

·         ou rather than the bad ones who will diminish your chances of getting better jobs.
·         It is ideal to have a direct meeting with the employment agency.
·         Discuss your strengths

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Hire the Leading Recruitment Agency in Bangkok for Better Business Support

First of all, you should know what recruitment in Bangkok is. It is the company that is being paid for finding the right employees for your company. Otherwise, they are the middleman between the companies that are hiring and the people who are looking for a job. In today’s highly competitive world, it is very hard to find the right candidate and these companies help in recruiting the right people who will suit your needs. Let’s see here on why to take the help of recruitment Bangkok.

·        Saves time:
The hiring process is quite time consuming and when you take the help of recruiters it eases your process. The recruiters are a thorough professional who recruits for a living. They will have a pool of candidates who will exactly fit in your job positions. This will shorten the time involved in searching for the candidates and you can also hire the best candidate quickly without wasting time.
·        Improving quality of hire:
Yet another reason for going for a recruiter is to find the quality of hire. Some of the recruiters will be specialized in a particular field or industry or functions and will have the right candidate already in their hands.
·        No in-house hiring expertise:
Mostly, small companies and start-up companies might not have in-house recruiter. Hence, for them it is ideal to avail the services of the recruiter. They don’t have the necessary expertise or resources to hire the best candidate. To ensure that this process is done thoroughly in a professional manner, they avail the services of the recruiter.
·        For additional security:
When it comes to new hire retention, the recruitment Bangkok provides additional security. These recruiters provide guarantee period that the newly hired will stay in their company for a certain period of time. In case, the new hire is terminated or leaves before the expiry of the guarantee period, the recruiters will either refund or find a new replacement candidate at no extra charge.

Based on their types, these recruiting agencies are classified into general, staffing, and executive recruiting agencies. Nowadays, they are available online and you can avail their services very easily.

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Hire Highly Qualified Candidates with the Help of Head Hunter Services in Bangkok

Basically, there are two kinds of recruitments: contingency search and retained search. Contingency search pins the other recruiters against each other therefore, it is focused on speed and doesn’t offer the best quality. Whereas, retained executive search focuses on quality it promotes peace of mind as each selected candidate will be the best choice for your company. Retained executive search is informally called head hunting. It is highly used to recruit candidates that are highly qualified and are applying for senior – level posts such as CEO, presidents, etc.

When it comes to be specialized in retained search at executive recruitment Bangkok, we are the one you should go for. Our one of the experienced and dedicated consultants will hold careful research to hunt the right person to fill the executive position. We highly recommend that retained search should be carried out within a local consultancy as it has proved to be highly valuable among multinational companies that were seeking top–level executives in Thailand.

      Our recruitment process starts by meeting up with you. We will personally sit down with the HR   manager or company’s top management.
         The more we know about your business, more efficiently we will be able to hire the perfect candidate for you. We will pen down the qualities you are looking in the candidate for your company or business. Based on your feedback we will outline the entire process and begin by shortlisting the type of candidate you are looking for.

     We have our local networks that are based on personal contacts and database with more than 100,000 people. To get in touch with passive candidate MNC’s sought our help.

       We select top 40 -50 promising candidates and contact them for pre-screening.
          Further based on the results of pre-screening we select the top five candidates.
       Knowing that your time is precious we will offer you with the best candidates that are suitable for    your positions.
      We will help you with the review of the selected candidates resumes, qualifications, strengths, and      weaknesses.There are various benefits of retained executive search as it is free from hiring the wrong executives.