Friday, 15 July 2016

Things You Should Know About Executive Recruitment Companies in Bangkok, Thailand

Executive recruitment is a specialized service offered by staffing and hiring companies. It is used to bring in candidates for senior, executive, and specialized positions in an organization. Like general staffing companies, executive recruitment agencies also bridge the gap between employers and aspirants for organizations.
The internet is a powerful tool to search for and find reliable executive recruitment companies but that is just the beginning. Organizations must consider the parameters that determine the choice of the recruitment partner. A few of the essential factors for an executive recruitment company in Bangkok, Thailand are briefly listed here:
  • The recruitment company’s knowledge about the specific industry, work environment, and its challenges will determine the quality of the candidates.
  • Their awareness about the client organization and how they perceive the organization’s future and growth influences their commitment.
  • The client must be aware of the candidate search process, the practices, and the communication when approaching a potential candidate. It is also important to set the accountability for the whole process.
  • Before assigning the search process, restrictions and their pertinent details must be clarified. These include restrictive covenants, ‘anti-poaching’ agreements, non-solicitation agreements, etc. Staffing companies may also have off-limits and hands-off agreements. These agreements can stop an organization from recruiting employees from a particular company.
  • The client and agency must discuss the time frames in advance. This includes the time for beginning the interviews. Recruitment agencies will start bringing in potential candidates regularly after a certain initial research and search period. Depending on the position or opening, a client may be offered the choice of single candidate meetings or multiple candidate interviews.
  • Identifying the soft skills of a candidate is best handled by the employer. But if suitable HR representatives are unavailable, some recruitment agencies can provide such services too. 
  • An organization always must be clear about the selection procedure. Executive recruitment differs from headhunting where a client sets all the benchmarks for a candidate. The best results are obtained by recruitment agencies that are allowed to work with some degree of flexibility. The gravest error is recruiting based on a candidate’s experience and qualifications alone. Given the room to work with, recruitment agencies can bring in capable and outstanding candidates who may otherwise not stand up to a client’s stringent criteria. 

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