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Finding Extremely Talented Individuals for any Industry with an Executive Recruitment Firm in Thailand

Hiring for your company is a vital part of your business requirements because of business growth and employee turnover. A good company is always in search of valuable employees. However, finding a person for a vacant position can be a hassle as it is a time taking procedure that requires effort and a great deal of patience.

Here, the role of recruitment agencies becomes important. The firms in Thailand go through massive databases of experienced professionals and fresh graduates to find out the right person for the job. They look for factors such as educational qualifications, experience, expertise, location preference, salary levels, etc. before short-listing a few names for you to consider. This procedure is chaotic but has to be done very carefully to find the right employee.

Here’s why hiring a talented individual for any industry works best through an executive recruitment firm in Thailand:

Extended Reach: Some of the talented applicants or candidates are not easy to find. Most of them have a passive presence on job sites. But most recruiters in the industry are aware of them. Recruitment agencies have a broad network, and that helps them connect with the people who have right skills and right aptitude for the job.

Shortlist the Right Candidates: Every applicant will not be serious about the job. You cannot understand their motivations by reviewing their job applications. And neither can you waste much time in assessing, matching, filtering and communicating with them. The recruitment firms find the right candidate who has the all the qualities, skills and attitude required for the job and fits with your criteria. The experience of deciding whom to choose or not comes with time and a recruitment firm with a history of delivering quality candidates knows how to do it.

Brand Value Increase Among Candidates: Good recruitment companies have detailed insights of your industry and business. Moreover, they care for your brand. They use their resources to find the right candidates who can help grow your business and your brand. They will spend time in understanding your way of working and portray you in front of candidates as an employer of choice. If a candidate is interested in looking at your company, then a recruitment consultant will be there to help him and build your business’ image at the same time.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Why Choosing a Reliable Recruitment Company in Thailand is Beneficial?

The reason why enterprises engage a recruitment company is because it saves them from sorting through hundreds of job applications. Since more and more people are applying for the same job position, companies are happy to outsource this work to a recruitment agency. Hiring managers have their work cut out once the recruitment agency brings down the workload to a manageable level leaving applications from only good candidates.

Still, there are hundreds and thousands of recruitment companies in Thailand. The benefits of choosing a reliable recruitment company are discussed below:


The first and foremost benefit of a reliable recruitment company is its reputation. Business organizations engage such companies because they have done good work in the past because of which they are valued now. One can bank on such companies to sift through numerous applications and resumes to find the desired candidate in a short time and at competitive rates.

Knowledge of the Market:

The best recruitment companies have their fingers on the pulse of the job market. They have considerable knowledge and experience of specialist markets – those in different geographies, different industries including upcoming sectors. They know which mediums to advertise on to reach the desired talent pool. Such companies are aware of the complexities in the recruitment process and know how to recruit sought after people from competitor enterprises. What defines such companies is their expertise in recruitment as compared to new entrants.

Access to a Talent Pool:

A reliable recruitment company differentiates itself from others in the business by having better access to the desired working professionals. They keep tabs on the talent pool through various means. Besides using the conventional mode of online job databases, they network with professionals at workshops, seminars, exhibitions and industry forums. All this results in them having access to some of the best talents in the industry.

Time and Cost Savings:

The process of recruitment can be costly and time consuming. The time taken to hire a candidate from the moment a vacancy opens up until the candidate joins the organization can span a few weeks to months depending on the level of seniority and skill set required. The client company benefits when the recruitment company is able to turn around faster by providing the right candidate in a short time. Trustworthy firms with significant business experience are able to do this, providing direct time and cost savings to their clients.

It is apparent that appointing a reliable recruitment company in Thailand has advantages that go beyond just the lower cost they bring into play.

Things You Should Know About Executive Recruitment Companies in Bangkok, Thailand

Executive recruitment is a specialized service offered by staffing and hiring companies. It is used to bring in candidates for senior, executive, and specialized positions in an organization. Like general staffing companies, executive recruitment agencies also bridge the gap between employers and aspirants for organizations.
The internet is a powerful tool to search for and find reliable executive recruitment companies but that is just the beginning. Organizations must consider the parameters that determine the choice of the recruitment partner. A few of the essential factors for an executive recruitment company in Bangkok, Thailand are briefly listed here:
  • The recruitment company’s knowledge about the specific industry, work environment, and its challenges will determine the quality of the candidates.
  • Their awareness about the client organization and how they perceive the organization’s future and growth influences their commitment.
  • The client must be aware of the candidate search process, the practices, and the communication when approaching a potential candidate. It is also important to set the accountability for the whole process.
  • Before assigning the search process, restrictions and their pertinent details must be clarified. These include restrictive covenants, ‘anti-poaching’ agreements, non-solicitation agreements, etc. Staffing companies may also have off-limits and hands-off agreements. These agreements can stop an organization from recruiting employees from a particular company.
  • The client and agency must discuss the time frames in advance. This includes the time for beginning the interviews. Recruitment agencies will start bringing in potential candidates regularly after a certain initial research and search period. Depending on the position or opening, a client may be offered the choice of single candidate meetings or multiple candidate interviews.
  • Identifying the soft skills of a candidate is best handled by the employer. But if suitable HR representatives are unavailable, some recruitment agencies can provide such services too. 
  • An organization always must be clear about the selection procedure. Executive recruitment differs from headhunting where a client sets all the benchmarks for a candidate. The best results are obtained by recruitment agencies that are allowed to work with some degree of flexibility. The gravest error is recruiting based on a candidate’s experience and qualifications alone. Given the room to work with, recruitment agencies can bring in capable and outstanding candidates who may otherwise not stand up to a client’s stringent criteria. 

Differences Between Legal and Fake Recruitment Agencies

A recruitment agency can be of great help when you are starting your career or going for a career or job change. While many reputed agencies can help you find your dream job, there are some dubious organizations too that only want to get their hands on your money. If you can differentiate between a legal and a fake recruitment agency, your job search can be way easier. So, here is how you can distinguish between a fake agency and a legal one.
  • Upfront payments: Recruitment agencies charge any fee to the company and never the candidate. However, some companies charge a small amount from the candidates too. This amount is usually a small percentage of the salary offered by your employer. But, in case your recruitment agency is demanding an upfront payment, just head for the door and do not look back! Demanding any upfront payment upon registration is the tell-a-tale sign of a dubious recruitment agency.
  • Check the agency details: Before you sign up for any recruitment agency do your research. In today’s cyber age, it takes minutes and an online search to do a quick background check. Head for the agency website and look for legal details such as their registration number. If the site does not show their agency registration number, then there is a good chance they are not a registered organization at all. In the case of doubt, call the contact number given and ask for more details. A fake agency will try and dodge the questions while pestering you to register with them. You know what to do here. 
  • Too many irrelevant questions: A recruiter will ask questions to understand your interests and desired options. But, if the questions seem to be a constant ‘lead generation’ campaign, be on your guard. Repeatedly stressing on referring friends is the biggest sign that your recruiter may not have much interest in your career and simply looking for the next victim. Learn to read between the lines and understand their motives.
Make sure to keep these points in mind when you are approaching a recruitment agency. The good agencies will lend their expertise and knowledge to help you get your dream job. The bad ones will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. Never lose hope and you will be on your road to success.

All About Thailand Executive Recruitment Agency

Thailand is one of the biggest economies of South East Asia and every multinational know that they need to set up a footprint in the country if they want to succeed in the region. Moreover, with the growth of the economy over the years, lots of smaller players have also opened up shop in Thailand. All these businesses are getting competition from local firms who have realized the potential of their business capabilities and are setting up companies to churn out world-class products and services.

With so much happening in the economy, it is hardly surprising that executive recruitment agencies are getting demands from their clients to get them the best candidate possible. There are also various other reasons why businesses – foreign and local – are using these firms to hire their talent. Here’s a look at what a Thailand executive recruitment agency offers its customers.

Highly Professional

These firms are highly professional. They are prompt in their service and adhere to their promises. All you need to do is give them a brief on what you need in terms of employee talent and by when. They take care of the rest, right from getting your employee on time to helping him / her fit in with your company culture. 

Offer Industry Expertise

Each segment of the economy has its quirks. A manager who performs splendidly in say, the logistics, sector, will not be able to show the same level of competence in say, software industry. The top Thailand executive recruitment agencies know this. They have industry experts who focus on 1-2 verticals only. This implies that you get high-quality candidates as the experts filter out the bad or average candidates and give you the best applicants for the job to take the interview. 

Extension of Your Business

Whether you are a small business owner or the manager of a large company, you will benefit using these firms as they work more like an external unit of your firm rather than an outside vendor. From a single point of contacts to handle all your questions and concerns to initial taking initial interviews and tests, these firms take care of the entire recruitment process, without you having to worry at all.

These are only a few of the many benefits a Thailand executive recruitment agency will offer you. Talk to a few agencies to understand what specifically they can offer you.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Executive Recruitment - The Best Way to Hire Skilled and Experience Candidates

Are you looking for fresh talents to fill in a high-level position in your industry? Hire the best recruiter in the country, to enjoy the privilege of picking and choosing the best talent in the industry.

The executive recruiters are known to match the skill sets required to meet the needs of the job perfectly, rendering themselves indispensably in the job market.  The role of a recruiter does not limit only to selecting a candidate and sending them across to be interviewed. From advertising for the position to even looking at various job sites and their databases to select the candidates and fixing up initial screening rounds, they take care of every essential requirements.

With the process of initial screening of the candidates is done, the companies have a list of perfectly matched candidates for the final round.This way, you can save much man hours doing productive work rather than meeting up with several candidates and wasting time on their screening processes.

There are also top-class executive agencies that have developed screening tests depending upon the skill sets you need. So, all in all, administrative agencies are your best anchors, if you are planning to recruit efficient and experienced candidates for your company.

So, how do you know which recruitment agency to approach? Just research online and ask around for references among your contemporaries and friends who have associated with recruiters, to pick the best partner to support on your recruitment processes. Remember that you need a reliable and efficient partner to bring good candidates on board. So, choose the right recruitment agency to ensure you enjoy the best talents in the ever-demanding and volatile job market.

Power of Headhunting Service Providers in Thailand

The head-hunting agencies in Thailand are known for their power of persuasion. If you need a particular candidate for your top position, but they are not looking for a job change, all you need is the persuasive power of the head-hunters to get the best talents into your fold.

It is, therefore, a well-known fact that the head-hunters are the best people to approach, if you are in need of a special or the top most places to be filled, in your organisation. Many a times, a candidate might not be looking for a job change. In those instances, it is only the capability of the head-hunting agent to persuade and cajole the person to try out the post that comes into your assistance.

Apart from the fact that the head-hunters can get you any specific candidate whom you would like to recruit, they can also bring in more options for you to pick and choose.

Moreover, the agencies can produce an enormous list of eligible candidates to fill up that particular post created in your organisation. Thus, you can pick and choose, after contemplation, only the one who will fit the bill perfectly. Also, with the recruitment firm doing the initial scrutinising and screening, you save both time and effort in the process.

Thus, head-hunters are a boon in today’s job market, where every organisation is competition for the best talents in the market. Approaching the head-hunting firm can help you acquire the best talent without putting in much effort in browsing the market for the candidates. So, get a premier head-hunting organisation in Thailand, to enjoy their power of persuasion and talent acquisition.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Take a Step in the Corporate World & Become Successful with Executive Recruitment in Thailand

Young men and women dream of rising high in their careers and often devote themselves to ensure that they have excellent educational qualifications and an aptitude that matches their skill set and chosen field. Finding a foothold in an increasingly competitive job market is not easy. Despite the large number of both local and multinational corporations and businesses in Thailand, breaking into the corporate world is a tough task. Even with stellar qualifications, one can be easily overwhelmed without professional help.

There are a number of experienced recruitment companies in Thailand that help young aspirants find suitable employment in various organizations. These recruitment teams will help you in accomplishing your dream by guaranteeing you a job in the field of your choice and one that suits your domain of expertise. Set your standards high and look for the best job without compromising on your capability and taste the success that follows. With so many recruitment agencies offering their services online, you can easily contact them for your desired job in sectors like banking, IT, HR, publishing, media and so on.

How Recruiting Agencies Help You Find a Job

·         Exposure: Reputed companies hire top recruiting agencies to help them fill their positions. A single firm will have access to a large number of companies across various industry verticals. Your CV will get plenty of exposure and you may even be able to choose from multiple options.

·         Inside Knowledge: Recruiting companies have the know how of what the companies are looking for in a new recruit. They can help you prepare accordingly so that you can confidently appear for the interviews.

·         Correct Match: Finding the right company is equally as important as finding the right position. If you approach a recruitment agency then they will provide you with the suitable job for you matching your qualifications and proficiency.

·         Create an impactful CV: Their expertise with latest trends will help you create a CV that stands out. This will help you to make the right impact at the interview.

·         Feedback: The recruitment agency will provide you with feedback if you were unsuccessful at the interview. This is an opportunity to learn where you can improve and get to know of your strengths and weaknesses. Take it as an experience and make improvements in your next interview.

Executive Recruitment through Recruitment Agencies - A Smart Choice!

Finding a good executive recruitment agency has never been easy in the job market. However, with the changing trend of work  many great opportunities  are available. And, recruitment agencies have left no stone unturned to find the person with  experience and adequate skill sets. The recruitment firms, therefore, are the best bet for those employers who have a higher level of requirements for their company.

Hiring an executive recruitment agency is the smartest choice to make, in this era where switching over jobs is a constant phenomenon. The reason behind the hype created over hiring a job consultant is simple. You, as an employer, do not have time in your hands to advertise, browse through job sites or even scrutinize the applications to pick the right candidate. However, the recruitment firms will have a list of the applicants possessing similar profile as the one you are looking for, and can just sort out the few finest candidates for your perusal.

With the already short-listed candidatures in hand, your job of selecting the one candidate who can fit into the vacant position will be much easier and faster.

Apart from saving you the time and effort in picking out the exact candidate, the recruitment firms can also aid in providing you with the endless list of well-skilled and finest candidates in the country. As a job seeker, any individual will be hard pressed to go to the best recruitment firms in search of a good position. So, you, as an employer, will have the opportunity to interview the best talents in the industry, to end up with an individual with the perfect profile to fit into your vacant position with panache.

Head-hunter Thailand - Hiring the Best Candidates through a Recruitment Agency in Thailand

Are you looking for a job in Thailand? With the companies in the country bringing in more roles and positions towards their quest to become a pioneer in their fields, finding a job might be a piece of cake if you know where to look.  The first and foremost destination should be that of a head hunter, or one of the finest recruitment consultants in Thailand.

The head hunters or the consultants are the experts in the field of recruitment.  With their expertise, these firms will be able to search the various candidate profiles available with them and find the perfect candidate to fill in the position. So, as a job seeker, when you are registered with one of the finest consultants in the market, you will be in a better position to land up in a plump job of your dreams.

It is not only a job seeker who is benefitted by enlisting their candidature with the consulting firms. As an organization looking to fill an executive or a highly specialized upper-level position, you may have a better choice in finding the right candidate to fit into your job description through a recruiter.

So, a head hunter is a middle man, who has enough expertise in ensuring that your company finds the correct individual to fill in a vacancy in your organization.

With the job market expanding and new jobs being created day after day, the job of finding a perfect person to fill in these positions is a tedious process. A professional consultant with enough experience in the field, can make your process simpler, by dealing with the initial formalities. Thus, the head hunters can save your time and energy and also strive to make the endeavor fruitful.

Tips for Hiring Recruitment Companies in Bangkok

Recruitment agencies offer staffing solutions to organizations that do not have the resources or expertize to manage their recruitment process. There are different types of recruitment or headhunting companies that offer various categories of jobs to candidates. Some specialize in temporary or contractual jobs while others offer permanent jobs. Similarly, while headhunters may deal with entry level jobs or executive level positions, or offer special services for C-Level positions.

Outsourcing the resource heavy recruiting process has proved to be beneficial to organizations that can then let their HR team focus on more important work instead. This is particularly helpful for organizations in developing economies, and both domestic and international businesses can benefit from their expertise. Thailand’s rapid growth has attracted a lot of investment and shows no signs of slowing down. Hiring a good recruitment agency is crucial for the growth of your business in a city like Bangkok. Here are some tips on finding a recruitment partner than can meet your requirements.

·         Proficiency
This is probably the most important aspect of any business relationship, but often the most difficult to judge. The most competent recruitment companies will offer a wide range of services, and quick turnaround times. The quality of the candidates that they send you will be the best illustration of their capabilities and efficiency. Doing some research before you choose a recruitment agency can yield positive results. You could also ask for a ‘trial run’ to gauge their competence.

·         The Track Record
Before hiring any of your shortlisted recruitment companies in Bangkok, you should take out some time to check their background and business history. An idea about what their previous clients say about them can be a good indicator of their performance. Verify and cross check any references and testimonials if you can. It may be helpful to contact a recruitment company’s existing clients to get a complete picture.

·         Compare rates
Your primary goal in hiring a recruitment company is to cut costs while still managing to hire qualified and experienced people for your organization. Therefore, it is in your best interest to pick an agency that provides competitive rates, but does not compromise with your standards.

A successful partnership with a competent headhunting agency is your first step in insuring the future of you organization.

Tips to Select the Best Recruiters in Bangkok

Recruiters can be a great support for job seekers looking for a good job in Bangkok. Here are some useful tips that will help you find the ideal recruiter so that you can maximize your opportunities.

The most important thing to consider is finding the recruiter who has the right jobs suiting your profile. When you are sure about what you want in your next job, your task becomes easier. Whether you are a pass out from your graduation or looking for a switch in your career, having a good idea about your next career is really essential.

There are two broad categories of recruiters that can be classified: generalist firms working with large corporations and the niche firms that focus on particular industry. The later one is often good for those working in an industry.

One should always look for a recruiter that focuses on the industry he belongs to. This implies that they understand your work, job and career path. You can find specialists who have a good knowledge of the packages in the industry. This can provide you with relevant information and enhance your search better.

Check out the job postings of the recruiter. See how many openings they have in the field of your interest. You can also check if the openings are in your location and if they offer senior positions or just entry-level jobs.

Verify the trade publications and professional organization of the industry. You can check if they quote any recruiters. It is possible that you find a list of recruitment agencies on the website of certain professional organizations.

Instead of mailing your resume to the recruiter, you should consider speaking and connecting to them. Meet them in person and you can thoroughly enquire. Find out which companies they deal with and how many postings they offer in the field in which you are seeking a job. Also check their experience in the business.

The perfect recruiter in Bangkok is the one having great client relationships. This implies that they are on the top of the newest openings and can serve you better with the right jobs.

Getting the right recruiter and sharing the most relevant information can get you the right role in the right company.