Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Hire Highly Qualified Candidates with the Help of Head Hunter Services in Bangkok

Basically, there are two kinds of recruitments: contingency search and retained search. Contingency search pins the other recruiters against each other therefore, it is focused on speed and doesn’t offer the best quality. Whereas, retained executive search focuses on quality it promotes peace of mind as each selected candidate will be the best choice for your company. Retained executive search is informally called head hunting. It is highly used to recruit candidates that are highly qualified and are applying for senior – level posts such as CEO, presidents, etc.

When it comes to be specialized in retained search at executive recruitment Bangkok, we are the one you should go for. Our one of the experienced and dedicated consultants will hold careful research to hunt the right person to fill the executive position. We highly recommend that retained search should be carried out within a local consultancy as it has proved to be highly valuable among multinational companies that were seeking top–level executives in Thailand.

      Our recruitment process starts by meeting up with you. We will personally sit down with the HR   manager or company’s top management.
         The more we know about your business, more efficiently we will be able to hire the perfect candidate for you. We will pen down the qualities you are looking in the candidate for your company or business. Based on your feedback we will outline the entire process and begin by shortlisting the type of candidate you are looking for.

     We have our local networks that are based on personal contacts and database with more than 100,000 people. To get in touch with passive candidate MNC’s sought our help.

       We select top 40 -50 promising candidates and contact them for pre-screening.
          Further based on the results of pre-screening we select the top five candidates.
       Knowing that your time is precious we will offer you with the best candidates that are suitable for    your positions.
      We will help you with the review of the selected candidates resumes, qualifications, strengths, and      weaknesses.There are various benefits of retained executive search as it is free from hiring the wrong executives.   

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