Thursday, 13 December 2018

Recruitment Services in Bangkok – How It Works?

Why should your company seek help from third-party recruitment in Bangkok when you have your own human resources team? Why should you pay other people when you can do everything in-house? The answer is simple: Because professional recruiters can do a better job. This is why the most successful multinational companies use the services of headhunters when it comes to searching the perfect candidates. Here's how a third-party agency that specializes in recruitment in Bangkok can help you:

Bullseye recruitment

Instead of screening candidates who have already expressed interest in the vacant positions, headhunting firms search for the perfect professionals based on the specified requirements. You give them the qualifications and they will proactively seek people who can deliver. They don’t limit your options to applicants; instead, they actively contact professionals who aren't looking for new work but are a good fit, as well as those working for your competitors.


The best headhunters are the most connected in the industry. They have access to databases of professionals via internal and external networks. They also keep themselves affiliated with other headhunters to make their networks even bigger.

Personalized approach

Aside from their wide network, third-party agencies that offer recruitment in Bangkok also utilize other channels like professional social networking sites. They don't always post advertisements on job boards. Rather, they connect and engage with the potential candidates through professional platforms.

Screening process

Headhunters spend a lot of time interviewing and getting to know every potential candidate. They do telephone screening, interviews, and exams needed to test if their skills of a particular person fit the role. By the time they present to you the final list of candidates, you can be sure that each person truly meets your requirements.

Background check

Third-party recruitment agencies in Bangkok can perform thorough background checks. They vet applicants carefully by doing reference checks, calling people who can prove their competence and qualifications.

A good recruitment agency understands their clients' unique needs and industry trends. They have the experience and expertise to find the most capable talents who will be assets to your organization.

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